Hello world!

It took at least two years considering to blog or not to blog about this amazing and original story that basically falls into category of  UFO/NWO/Conspiracy genre. At first I was reluctant because I didn’t consider it to be true at the time (and still today I have some doubts), but as the time goes by you find things, you get in touch with people, you get information, and you realize that it’s not just about entertainment anymore, but you find yourself seriously playing the role of cyber detective. You would be amazed how much can be discovered just by using the internet only if you know how. Unlike other trash of the same genre that circles the internet this story had enough concrete material to be verified: names of people, places, etc and also material to prove that someone is exaggerating real things to make his story more popular.

What I want people to understand before I continue is my psychological setup when it comes to UFO/NWO/Conspiracy genre. For me personally it’s about serious entertainment. I’ve been reading and watching about things that relate to this phenomenon and I must admit it’s far more interesting and original than main stream SF crap that comes from Hollywood. Sometimes when watching those popular speakers and anti-NWO/Reptilian agenda partisans I can really catch myself thinking there’s gotta be something true to it. At least something. But then I call to my life lessons which basically say that you should trust only your personal experience and I realized NWO fanaticism is dangerous and contagious. I also analyzed what makes people dig into this stuff? Are their real lives miserable? Is it so hard for them to find their own intimate explanation of this world we are living in so they resort to easier things? Like aliens? You have to admit thinking that aliens control everything on this planet is really the easy way out to explain the world and to make it more interesting too. Because to some people it is disgusting to think that ONLY ordinary flesh and bone people are behind the appalling state the world is in today and it makes them furious that they cannot do anything about it. Because if all of this is just done by humans like you and I, then they can be stopped by proven means to stop a human. For most of the people on this world it is impossible to take things into their own hands all alone, arm themselves like Rambo, break into the NWO citadel and neutralize the bunch that is causing so much grief to this world. It’s too much to handle so you end up being depressed because of your inability to act. Isn’t it easier to fight a reptilian on an astral plane? Everyone can do that! They just need to learn how…ask David Icke. Ok enough of this. 🙂

As you can see I just played a mind game of a person that is in denial or what you could call a skeptic. The other mind game is simply swallowing everything that is served on the plate regarding NWO and wallowing in phantasy and fanaticism without any proof whatsoever. Most of us balance between these two mind games with a few going into the extremes. But something that stands firmly and independently is personal experience and investigation.  I haven’t been to Solomon Islands yet, I can’t offer you material evidence behind this story in form of photos, videos and artifacts. Today anything of that kind that gets offered is immediately labeled CG animation and a hoax) so what one experiences is really the most important thing. So it would be interesting to take on reptilians, greys and other creeps that come from the depths of universe to invade the Earth, but I try to be smarter than that and find my own truth. Although my experiences are so far only internet based, the people I contacted are very real and the story is becoming increasingly interesting.

So we’ll see how this blog goes. This blog is about finding out the truth no matter how X-filelike  lameness this statement carries. We can learn two things. Either we will find out why people resort to writing lies to earn a easier living or we will get to something real and sinister going on in Solomon Islands. But like my tagline says something IS really going on there…

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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Nick says:

    according to an eye witness, the submarine-aircraft flew out of the sea on a clear morning after ‘crashing’ into the sea the previous misty evening. The national government did an investigation through the Australian led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) using helicopters and airplanes to no avail as to what happened to the ‘crashed’ aircraft. No signs, wreckages, survivors and any telltale signs of a crash. Even right through the evening of the incident, villagers went about asking everybody if they had any news about the crash. Villagers paddled their dugout canoes to investigate that night hoping to sea any survivors. No sign. There was only fear instead.

    The very next morning out of the very spot the aircraft dived into the sea, it came up and flew into the air! More fear! Because it was very real, had aircraft noises, and engine fumes, it can only come from this earth. But who is flying such machines around here and why are we not informed enough about them? It is not hard to believe that humans are capable of such machines, it’s only that we do not know who, where they live, what their programs are, or why they came here? We cannot rule out the possibilities that they are Americans and perhaps Israelis as well.

  2. Nick says:

    Sorry for forgeting to put a date to the event. It happened around 6:00 pm on Tuesday 7th Oct. 2010. Can it be reaaly done, say search the satellites for incidents on earth on previous days in certain locations?

  3. Allan bp adhd says:

    Sounds like clandestine military activity to me maybe Americans using area as a base to watch SE Asia area who knows as for the rest well seeing is believing find the articles entertaining but skeptical myself…with good reason I believe conspiracy and speculation are no replacement for facts unless these facts can be substantiated I will remain a skeptic Allan


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