The story so far…

I don’t wanna make the long story long again, so what I am about to give here is a list of essential links that form the main scaffold of my research. The whole thing started with the first website that published the story and it was  probably established by the original author Marius Boirayon, This website is down for a long time now. Two years, probably more. You can check the WHOIS info and see that the website was created 4th of July 2003. Today the original story resides at People usually find the story through this website

My original intention in this research was to get in touch with the Solomon Islands locals and I finally found a suitable forum. My post is here It’s been going on since Jan 20, 2009. I advise that you study this post carefully as any other scholar would. It has more than enough info to get you started and you will find some extremely interesting replies, but please read carefully and re-read if necessary. I’m pretty sure that this is the most objective and detailed discussion that currently exist online about Solomon Islands mysteries. Trouble is this forum is way too much into politics and economy so there is very little room for things like giants and UFOs, but on the other hand I hope that some educated people who live on SI and visit that forum will get some ideas and try to look for themselves.

Bare in mind that links I provided today is not everything I have to offer. You need to be aware that there are communities online where Solomon Islanders meet and talk about things yet they are completely oblivious to this original story! They talk about secret military bases in their country, secret armies roaming through the jungle and “silent planes” flying low above the ground…

I hope we become fellow researchers once you read through the material I gave here. Unless you don;t have the time and energy needed. I know that is something hard to obtain in today’s world that is constantly draining our energy.

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