The “Reptilian” statue

There is no much material evidence to support this story or debunk it so let’s start with that first. Remember the reptilian statue described by Marius? There is actually a photo of it here: .

The photo is poor resolution and I was really cheering for it to be in line with the story, but it’s not. And the story says:  “This very futuristic “Star Trek” warrior-type reptilian half-human man has a very determined look upon his face whilst holding his tail-attached ultra-modern ray-gun in his right hand and pointing to the west with his left”.  First thing that you notice right away is there is no left hand pointing anywhere. I thought to myself, well maybe that’s a lie but from this resolution I really can’t say whether the statue is of fisherman as described by the PacificWrecks or is it a sort of X-man. I was tripping that I can see goggles of sort on the statue’s head but that is probably  reflection of the Sun plus the effect of decreased resolution.

I also managed to prove this by obtaining the photo in it’s original resolution. I’m not going to show you the original photo because I didn’t get permission to publish it so you’ll just have to trust me there is nothing out of the ordinary  with this statue and it’s just human with quite normal human face standing there.  Marius even wrote “The less detailed bullet ridden statue that is there now was the replacement that the Japanese put there in hindsight just before the Solomon Island Tension.” Well if it less detailed and bullet ridden it should still depict the same thing right?? Well not this statue.

I’ll show you another photo that supports the PacificWrecks and some other sites report that in 2008 some vandals tried to steal the statue and sell it for scrap metal. As you can see the poor statue is just lying there and still nothing out of the ordinary.

Vandalized statue

I was told by John Innes  that statue was a donation of family of the  Japanese sculptor. After the vandalism the sculpture is now again in the possession of Japanese until they decide what to with it. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to John Innes for not being entirely truthful when I explained the background of my interest in this statue. John, you are probably pissed off when you learned why I contacted you, but for the sake of truth I could not mention the real story from start as you would probably think that I’m crazy.

Homework for the readers: Yes you will be getting homeworks on this blog because I can’t do it all alone. It would be interesting to get in touch with the family of Seiichi Takahashi, the sculptor who made this statue.  Although I consider this case closed because I saw the original photo I still wonder what they have to say about this…

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11 Responses to The “Reptilian” statue

  1. I have been researching the “Giants ” story ever since it first appeared in Nexus Mag. I have directed questions to them,but got no response.I have explored TUTUVATU Forum as well,very informative !Without any Scientific evidence there is no story.The statue is not what Marius Boirayon purports it to be.Definitely does not resemble his description at all.I am a Skeptic and a Scientific Investigator of the Paranormal,UFO’s [since 1970]and all other associated fields.Thanks for your post

    • Thank you for your support. Stay tuned cause there is more to come. The only way to get scientific evidence is by going there on an expedition. The purpose of this blog is to engage people in thinking, to give them additional clues and hopefully to engage people who already live there to investigate. The purpose is to get maximum information independently from Marius’ claims before mounting an expedition. Actually I’m putting this reply into “About” section. 🙂


    • william lennon says:

      the statue was a fisherman with a fishing net draped over his shoulder looking back towards japan .i know because i was there william [bill] lennon

  2. Bernard says:

    Don’t know what happened to the original statue but i remember seeing a Raygun holding creature on a statue while visiting the site/or another japanese site when i was growing up, it really did exist and it really was pointing a Raygun,so either it was another japanese memorial site or there might have been two statues at mount Austin, maybe 3?? have you also seen the Japanese “GATE/ENTRANCE to another world” a statue at the Henderson Airport Departure Area, and the many American memorial plaques that have so many secret maybe masonic symbols on them?

  3. hactic says:

    Are there any hi-res photos of the statue in SI?

    • Yes, I obtained the original one by contacting the author, however I was not given permission to publish the hi-res, which is a bit of a strange request. Sorry. but until that situation changes this is what you get. I assure you it’s just an ordinary human being. BUT some of my local contacts say that there is another statue not on this monument but somewhere else. So go figure…

  4. Robert Deane says:

    I personally think its a money making scam!!!

  5. hi I was one of five crew who delivered a fifty foot trawler from botany bay to the soloman islands in the year of 1949. the captain and navigator jack Gaskell a well known resident of Honiara I am 86 years of age but I still can remember everything quite clearly the name of the vessel was the NEW LIFE . I had reason to have a look at Henderson field and I can tell you what the statue was

  6. Andreas says:

    Is anyone still reading this? I would like to get in contact with the author of this blog article. Thank you!

    Best regards

    Munich, Germany

  7. tiggysagar says:

    The thing he’s most likely to be holding is a traditional carved war club. These are often surprisingly complex shapes and there are different kinds. I can’t see from that photo what he’s holding at all.

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