Yowiehunters expedition

I wanted to make a quick reflection on the findings made by Yowiehunters.net crew. For those of you who don’t know Yowiehunters or AYR (Australian Yowie Research) is a group of enthusiasts who seem to take their cryptid research hobby seriously and have built somewhat of reputation, but how really reputable and reliable they are is not the subject of this post. Anyway Marius Boirayon made contact with them and they went on expedition to the SI and here is their account: http://www.yowiehunters.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=581&view=unread

First thing I must comment is that obviously Marius did not leave a good impression on Yowiehunters:

“..he handed Mike what he claimed was a giant un-cut Diamond in which he could keep. Later that week, Mike handed it to a major Gold Coast Jeweller that confirmed it was nothing more exciting than a piece of glass?.. This was just one in a multitude of incorrect claims supplied by him. Alarm bells were ringing?.. “


“My only reservation was Marius. He was not to come.”

So Marius contacted them, asked for money, gave a false diamond and …hmmmm.

There is however something which is in favor of Marius at least in terms of story consistency and this is going to be understood only by those who read the book. This Yowiehunters post was made in 2006 and they went there in 2003. So these reported claims:

“He declared his use of an alias was not only because he was being followed, but also his phone was tapped and he had evidence that he needed to defend…”

“…had worked in several roles while living in the Islands and claimed he had the ear of the “President” and presented us with an official invitation from some Government Department…”

“…he had always stated that he could never return due to threats to his life…”

“…mining conspiracies and hidden Diamonds…”

All this goes hand in hand with the content of the Solomon Islands Mysteries book that was published in 2009.

Now something more important that must be made clear for those thinking about going to Solomon Islands for a “hike” after reading this blog.

“Their stories were fascinating while they spoke with conviction about the Giants of the forest they, and many other natives had encountered. According to the two, the Giants still remain in the centre of the Island that is very remote, hostile and hard to navigate…”

“…under no circumstances walk these tracks alone…”

“He rushed to the man and frantically explained in their language who we were and which village gave us permission to cross this border…”

“One of the main concerns to the native Solomon Islanders was the constant paranoia of Western Mining Companies raping their land for minerals, oil and Diamonds, which would desecrate their land and threaten their way of life…”

Without prior permission to head through which was supposed to have been arranged prior to the trip; we could have been speared to death…”

“Michael had already shown a great deal of financial generosity towards them to keep us safe and they were always gesturing for more..”

“…this was all such a poorly executed expedition on behalf of our guides in which we had intrusted so much faith upon…”

I hope you see my point. And I had these dangers confirmed by a number of people who spent some time exploring SI. Giants or no giants, exploring the islands’ interior is a daunting task. Without good relationship with tribes, especially tribe elders and chiefs, good local guides, a lot of money exclusively designated for bribing you probably won’t get far and you might get your self killed. You need to understand that further inland you go there is a greater chance you will run into tribes that don’t care much about the civilized world imported to SI. They still live off the land and don’t leave the jungle premises. Will you bribe them too with money ? I don’t think so because money is of no worth to them. Supplies, clothes and everything you posses and they find interesting, that might go, but at one point you won’t have anything more to give and that can spell trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I heard from others that indigenous people are very kind and  friendly, but keep in mind that you are venturing in different world looking for giants. Younger people might find that interesting and will tell you “olketa kastom” stories, but the real, quality info you can only get from village elders who from reports I got are protective and secretive about topics such as giants.

For the end of this post here is something inspirational from Yowiehunters expedition:

During his interrogation, he asked the purpose of our visit. “The Giants” we responded. “Giants? The last Giants died ten years ago. There are no more Giants now”. The look in his eyes told a different story. He may have been able to bluff his way over the simple villagers, however it was more than apparent that this so called Holy man was nothing more than a power hungry cloak and dagger stand over from the medieval times. “There are no Giants, you must leave now. “”

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6 Responses to Yowiehunters expedition

  1. blaze33 says:


    Glad that I found this blog. Been into this subject for a few years now, but couldn’t find any additional info except Marius’ book and the forum you mentioned. Now this blog looks like a gem, and I can’t wait to hear more from what you’ve got.
    I hope one day in the near future, when I have time and funds, to go to the Solomons myself (or with a group of people?) and do some research.
    Thanks for this info and good luck buddy!


  2. Travis says:

    I second what Mark said. I have been highly interested in this topic, but being that these locations are so remote and there is no coverage of it on the net, your progress will be watched with eager anticipation.

  3. 37. F*ckin’ awesome things here. I am very glad to see your article. Thanks a lot and i am looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  4. Dallas says:

    I first read up on information on the SI giants after contacting A.Y.R. about a year ago to discuss a possible yowie vocalization that I heard in outback Oz. I don’t doubt for a second that there are large bipedal primates roaming those dense jungles. I have also read up on info regarding the ufos & their secret bases, and, whilst I always have maintained the ideaology to keep an open mind….I find it hard to come to the conclusion, that in this day of digital technology no one has the hunger like yowie researchers to get out there with all manner of recording devices to at least capture an image in the very least. Unlike the giants of the jungle/forests {in other parts of the world} which have had, images,vocalizations and in the case of the 1968 Patterson film at Bluff creek…actual footage. Not to mention that obtaining a footage of a hairy hominoid is difficult { due to dense forestry, and the fact that they can detect IR light at night } at the best of times.

    • Hi Dallas,

      Actually there was an attempt from one of our contacts to setup cameras in an area where it was likely that giants may pass. The cameras had the ability to upload video to server. All the permissions were obtained from local chief and it was one of those rare occasions when not a dime was asked in return. The locals were very eager to help this man (also foreigner and white) to setup the cameras but in the end I’m not sure what exactly happened, but nothing was captured on video.
      When it comes to giants ability to detect IR at night first time I hear about it – from where did you get this info? Anyway make sure you bring thermal imaging camera because some of these alleged bases are using holographic camouflage. That will probably be my next post.

  5. Dallas says:

    Wow! Did not expect a reply so soon, but not complaining. In regards to Giants/Yowies being able to detect IR light, there is a book [ non fiction ] that I have been reading [ devouring ] on the subject of Yowies. The book is called THE YOWIE: In search of Australia’s Bigfoot, written by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper. I HIGHLY recommend that you track this book down & read it, very informative. Anyway there is a chapter in the book that touches base with the idea that these creatures are able to detect IR light through their own ability of perfect 20/20 night vision. A few folks in the Blue Mtns [west of Sydney] that had had a significant amount of activity in and around their properties, plus always at night when most folks are in bed asleep. In one experiment, they had been placing food caches out in which a nightly visitor with size 16 feet would leave a multitude of large footprints below the food bucket….8ft off the ground. The same folks decided that rigging up IR camera in the close proximity to the food bucket would be a great way to see what was taking “the bait”. When the camera was on, nothing came anywhere near it. As soon as the camera was removed, the visitor would return for his nightly snack. Other folks, have set up similar rigs in their backyards where the big hairy fellows like to run up to the sides of houses and give an almighty slap on the side of the building. The cameras have then been set up so that no part of the yard is left that the cameras can not see, only for the yowies to change tact in their game by running up and slapping a part of the house that the the cameras aren’t focused on. To be totally honest with you, the whole SI mystery [aliens,secret bases& hairy giants to boot] has me wanting to sell all my belongings and move to the SI with my CANON EOS and live inside a hut for the rest of my life just to be nothing more than a witness to something awe inspiring.

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