Asking the right question

Going deeper into my investigation I got in touch with a man six months ago. I’m not going to disclose his identity as I respect every man’s right to take care of his reputation, preserve his job, feed his family etc.  Anyway this is someone who spent a lot of time in SI and who offered valuable information. We discussed about giants, UFOs etc, but his explanation of UFO is the most interesting one which brought up some new questions. He had the opportunity to discuss the UFO sightings with the locals in a remote area. They offered a very detailed description from which he concluded (and he emphasized this without a doubt based on his knowledge of aircraft) that those are US manufactured attack helicopters. The villagers described them down to the navigation lights and cockpit glow. These are most likely, and I quote my contact, “…Cobra, Apache, or still in development helicopters.  No doubt. The mystery is not if they are seeing UFOs, but WHY are they seeing helicopters?   So something strange is happening, but not what some people would want to assume.”

I assume that Australian army bought some of those attack helicopters from USA and probably employed them during the etnic tension and RAMSI intervention. But why do people continue to see these helicopters on a daily basis? And isn’t it interesting that Mairus Boirayon introduced himself as helicopter pilot/engineer? I quote the original: Some years ago, as I had once been working as a Helicopter pilot/engineer, I was asked by a boss helicopter pilot of an American fishing fleet that had helicopters, to look after their spare parts required, as Australia was closer that Guam. The job lasted six weeks and I was handsomely paid for my little effort. The office I took was just opposite the old Guadalcanal Provincial Headquarters

Here is an interesting post from Belden T., a SI islander. I found this post much earlier then getting in touch with my contact. I didn’t give it enough thought until hearing the helicopter explanation.  This post makes a lot of sense when you observe the UFO story in the light of mysterious military helicopters:

I am a Solomon Islander. I happened to get your website from a friend thru the internet. I read about the articles of giants and UFOs and their sites in the Solomon Islands. I come from Makira Island, an island in the east part of the country and east of Guadalcanal Island. In my island we also had entcounters of UFOs. The western end of the island, closer to Guadalcanal is said to be the base of these UFOs. These UFOs have been on the island for a long time but it was during the height of the enthnic tension (2000) that these things really put on a good show. The people of west Makira are very familiar with these. During the year 2000 (and until 2003), these flying objects really showed themselves up. People see planes, warships, and even real people in army uniforms. The mysterious thing about these UFOs (at least for this part of the world) is that they do not make noises, even when they just fly above the coconut trees (approximate height – 30 to 100m) you cannot hear any sound. If you listen very carefully, you can only hear a sound similar to when you play a tape in your stereo recorder. These UFOs usually fly in the night, some times high and some times just above the trees. Very early in the morning (about 5:30 am) if you are lucky you could see one of them and reports from those who saw them, they said they can sometimes see the body of the UFO, like a real plane, some they say look like the sting-ray (diamond shape) only that they are smaller than actual planes. Sometimes during broad daylight, people actually see them, real planes and helicopters making a lot of noise. I personally did not belive such stories until one night, waiting patiently to see one, I had my chance. This was in Kirakira, the provincial capital, and about 50 kilometers from Arosi area, in year 2000. The time that they usually appear in this part of the island was a 12 o’clock midnight. It was 12:30 am after giving up hope and going back into my house that I decided to take a last look outside thru the window that I saw the red signal light of the flying object. Running into the bedroom to call my wife,we went outside to watch the flying object. If flew just above the trees but we could not hear any noises. After this incident, I believe the stories from the people sighting these flying objects. Another mysterious thing was that, as the  ethnic tension cooled down, these things also slowed down their appearances and finally now, they can be only seen on rare occasions. This makes our people wonder as to what it all means. Is there any secret mission somewhere?  Thanks.  Belden T.

..well as the time goes by I kind of lost my thread of thought and not sure what to write in this post anymore. There is much more to tell so stay tuned. If you think this is bull, wait to see my next post.

Homework for the readers: In relation to bold parts of Belden’s post – it makes a lot of sense that during the war you have military vehicles and aircrafts showing up more frequently comparing to military activity in peace right? What I want to know, and this is the new homework, is the helicopter patrol routines of RAMSI forces stationed in SI? When and where do they take off  and land?, Their fly routes, etc. I’m no expert in this so if you know some army people who might be able to draw some parallels here I would be glad if you can share. Or better yet does RAMSI currently have aerial patrols at all?? What daily business would attack helicopters have in SI NOW? As for the silent low-flying  UFO, I think Apache could perform like this, but far from “any noises” or sounding like playing tape recorder. Usually when flying very low Apache tries to hide or sneak. Hide from what? From poor people with spears and arrows? One thing is for sure – the word “helicopter” appearing too many times in this story.

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8 Responses to Asking the right question

  1. rafiki_yako says:

    Hello, “Luti_Mikode”. The idea of helicopters sounds feasible, but –

    Ahh, there are always some “buts”…

    Number one, NO helicopter (well, at least no helicopter I KNOW of, the military may be of a different opinion) is so silent as to make virtually no noise at all except some “cassette tape” hiss. Number two, NO helicopter (again, at least of those that I know/have heard of) is capable of making sudden, immediate turnarounds at full speed, or of speeding from a cruising velocity to extreme velocity in almost no time at all. Therefore, either we are dealing here with the latest in military technology (could it be in co-operation with the Aliens???) and possibly Solomon Islands are simply a “testing ground” for advanced military solutions (ideal spot due to its remoteness, a small number of inhabitants and mostly rural/forest lifestyle), or it IS some alien technology, operated either by humans or by Aliens.

    Either way, it is a GREAT mystery certainly worth much further and deeper exploration. Let’s hope someone out there has the funds AND determination/interest to participate…

    • Hi Rafiki!

      Thanks for commenting here. Always glad to hear your views. Personally I am not too much in love with the helicopter theory either. There are many other things yet to be explained. I am more in favor of submersible aircraft theory. Especially after several reports I received plus the latets development with the plane crash in Malaita. I’ll write about that too, but you and others who read this comment can already follow up on some fresh interesting discussion on Tutuvatu. As for submersible aircrafts I don’t find it too difficult to grasp that military has this advanced vehicle today. Plans for atom momb were already under way ater WWI so why not have that advanced airplane-speedboat-submarine thing today. I hope we can expect your website and part of the story soon?

  2. am says:

    Science and the religion of secular humanism can never prove things that are supernatural. It is out of their territory. They think in a box like they have been taught in mind control programming. We are a world of programmed robots now. The ordinary person claims to see these ufo’s, flying humanoids and giants. And many have…the so called ‘experts’ just use their poor credentials to mock witnesses having seen ufo’s, supernatural beings and giants…maybe there is a link? The fallen angels are still at work? Their seems to be a supernatural element that can never be proved. Science is not up to par because it can’t answer questions or believe in truth. It has failed us and failed truth by hiding what has really happened through out our history. It prints what it wants us to think, not what really has happened. It has its own agenda, secret clubs to lie to our kids in school and to adults in newspapers. It is not true science but scientism. They just fit their ‘world view’ to a so called scientific answer which many times is hogwash. They still want us to think we came from the monkey in evolution. A big lie. For years…we were told weather balloons were really the culprit to sightings or the strange in our sky s. No one can prove that these things don’t happen. The governments in this world know…they just don’t want you to really know what is going on. The UN knows and they worship these evil beings and listen to their lies. This is why this earth is in such a mess. Fear always mocks the strange and fearful happenings. Mankind is not as smart as fallen beings and angels that have plagued earth since Adam and Eve, and since 1/3 of the angels fell before… can you prove I am wrong? The ufo sightings are up to no good and they hate God Almighty. They hate man. They hate you. Millions world-wide have seen ufo’s for years. yet…they are laughed at. The ‘elite’ have no conscience. The global agenda is again become like the days of Noah when fallen angels sinned against man and God. If any NWO security man gives you an answer, run away quick and know he is a liar. They don’t believe in truth but believe in a lie. They are trained to obey orders without question. They are trained to lie so the little man will not find out what is really going on. One has to search for the Life and the Way and the Truth and than you will really know what is going on in these awful days. yes, I believe ufo’s are in our skies. I believe that the false gods, the evil ones are showing their signs and wonders to make man fearful and to bow down to them. I do believe in giants and wicked beings walking our earth with supernatural powers. I also believe in the True God of the Bible , he knows about all this and is in complete control and the past, present and the future is already done. We are just in the ‘timezone’ to play out his revelation and prophecy already told. We have a free will to obey the true God or bow down to devils and demons that are in bed with the NWO. No wonder there will be new heavens and a new earth someday. God can’t stand what is going on. ” there is nothing new under the sun” King Solomon NOTHING.

  3. Bernard says:

    Im also a Solo aircraft enthusiast, i am very familiar with the helicopters used by the Australian Army/Airforce in Solomon Islands, they use the old Sea King, and Vietnam style Iroquois, and only in the early stages of Ramsi but not now have used the Blackhawk. They are all very loud choppers as they literally chop the air up with their huge rotors, though a helicopter coming into crash would go into auto-rotation just like an auto-gyro glider sustains its lift and this would create low hum with engines off and the rotor in free-fall and free spin putting the helicopter down in a crash more lightly than in direct fall, but all the helicopters Ramsi use are not in any Light Aircraft colours, Ramsi heli’s are all either olive drab green or black, accounts of the object seen revealed that it was silvery white like commercial light aircraft polished shiny aluminum would look (or a typical UFO).
    In my view of things, Ramsi has either recovered the UFO concerned with in the crash and covered this up by saying it was nothing, or it was them that might have been the ones who brought it down in the first place?, Ramis is knee deep in this and is keeping it all a secret, from the very first time they came over to the Solomon Islands there have been reports of UFO’s attacking/surveying Ramsi bases in Guadalcanal which have been hushed up, in one case with loads of witnesses the villagers said that the UFO hovered over Ramsi base at night, the officers did not do anything as they were in shock, in the morning they found that a container at their camp had its top missing and was completely exposed, it was laser like cut without them even knowing and seeing it happen. You would also know that there has been two Ramsi deaths in Solomon Islands, the first one was a result of the ethnic tension itself when an officer was shot by a Solomon Island sniper but the second death was a mystery, All we were told was that the army was in patrol on the remote mountains of Guadalcanal when one of their soldiers fell through an unseen hole and that is how he died, the Guadalcanal version of the story says the contrary in that he died as a result of assault/fighting using weapons in a secret mission into the Guadalcanal caves, they said they did no tknow why the patrol went into the caves and why regular automatic gunfire was heard deep within the caves, then a retreat was seen before one of the dead soldiers was taken out of the cave, who were they fighting????
    There is also the case of the mysterious object also hauled out of the sea by a helicopter straight onto a Ramsi ship and never shown to the public or talked about, this was at the Lunga Point after military divers had gone through the trouble of diving down and constructing an enclosure case/box for it underwater so that when hauled out only a box was seen, this incident was also questioned in parliament, dont know more than this but if you search for it you may still be able to find some info. So Australia does know about this, and it seems they are lucky enough to have found this technology here in the Solomon Islands, this technology might be in the process of being back engineered by them right now?? The law of the sea states that any treasure found within a country’s sea belongs to that country, so i guess they will never reveal the truth.

  4. Bernard says:

    Another thing is that it is also mysterious how remote controlled drones are being used in the Solomon Islands, these Australian army drones are being flown mainly over the Guadalcanal mountains where no one lives?,clearly no population and very inaccessible, but where common UFO,Giant,reptilian stories herald from.. if these drones are to help out aerial mapping survey of targets of former ethnic tension military weapon cache’s then i doubt anyone even during the conflict made it up there?? ah some more questions to ask?

  5. Marius says:

    There will come a time, not so far away, while you all are just busy existing to live and survive, you will look back about how fucked you all were.

    We understand, and good luck…


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