Real Kakamora

Seems Tutuvatu discussions are picking up thanks to the mysterious plane crash that happened recently:  I suggest you check Tutuvatu from time to time because I get bored repeating myself on this blog about what’s happening in that forum. What I wanted to write about is another gem on the internet which is unfortunately fading away because there is almost no activity. It a social network that gathers people from Makira called Real Kakamora . If you visit the site it will say it’s unavailable. The admin is really slow and almost gone so the Ning probably has a policy to shut down inactive networks. Anyway thanks to my “paranoia safe mode” approach to this research I thought that it would be good to save a few precious pages from this network that involve the discussions about “Mysterious military in Makira”.

What do you think? I think the discussion I recorded offers some insight. Some people are seeing something, some don’t and it seems to me judging by these posts that seeing is believing. Take a note that cargo cult is being mentioned. That might be possible but this is a different era than WWII. You have educated young people there who are quite aware of modern technologies humanity possess, but still things they are seeing are unlike anything they ever seen before.

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