Mount Kolovrat – story by James Baura

We’ll it’s almost New Year’s eve and I want everyone to give a present a bit earlier before we enter 2011. Because 2011 will perhaps be an interesting year  for “field work” in thick bush of Solomon Islands. I found this post: and it looks like someone might be gearing up for 2011. Also more importantly I want people to read this: James Baura’s Letter to Solomon Star News, 14 August 2008. This man also wants to reveal his discoveries in 2011. I’m not sure if these are two are somehow connected, but since it is an interesting story I thought it would be worthwhile to make an interesting observation.

You know, to name a mountain “Kolovrat” in Solomon Islands struck me VERY weird at the first time I read this story. Why? Because due to my Slavic language and origin I know very well what Kolovrat means. It is an important solar symbol in ancient pagan Mythology and in broader sense means “spinning wheel“.

Apparently the mountain also has its native name  Alas’a, but it is known for hundreds of years as Kolovrat. What on earth is Slavic word doing at the end of the world in Solomon Islands for so long?? The answer lies in the 16th century:

There was a Dalmatian, Viceroy Bune from Dubrovnik who apparently established trading posts in SI and made some local friends along the way. He used Dalmatian toponyms not only to to name mount Alas’a, but also island Velakula (now Lavella), Voza (Bambatana), Mitra (Fataca), Narovo (Eddystone), Uveli (Ouvelli), Mala (Malanta), , Debeli (Cape Soreyar) etc. But why is this interesting in regards to James Baura’s story? Well you can also name spinning wheel differently, like rotating disc. 🙂

I am wondering if Vice Bune experienced something similar like James Baura that struck awe into him and made him relate this mountain to Sun? That shooting beam of light described by Baura, the Sun, the spinning wheel, I don’t know…maybe someone else does. Anyway I and my associate tried to make contact with Mr James Baura, but to no avail. If you look at the internet his contact info is easy to find. Maybe he would trust a local rather than outsider like me.  Solomon islanders who are reading this please ask this man about his progress and what are the plans for 2011.

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9 Responses to Mount Kolovrat – story by James Baura

  1. Blaze33 says:

    Nice find! stuff like that really makes you wonder…
    Anyway, keep your work up, your doing a great job.

  2. Thank you for you kind comments! Btw, I suppose you are Blaze33 who asked about the WWII picture of UFO on Tutuvatu? That’s a great find as well and I encourage you to continue in your investigation.!

  3. Blaze33 says:

    Yes, that’s me. And as you know, it’s hard to come by any new information on this whole subject, so any new piece of information is very precious.

  4. Kolovrat says:

    Hi, my surname is Kolovrat. I’m Croatian, what do you know about kolovrat sign or kolovrat in general

    • kmet_damjan says:

      kolovrat se jos moze naci u antici u simiotickih simbola makedonaca a kad na to dodamo da su sloveni velicali aleksandra kako svoj heroj pa cak i ono sta danas se desava u makedoni ::) cak tu mozemo povezati sloveni i teorija da su postali is skitskih redova a to naravno zbog mitologii ..slavjanski vrkolaci, vukodlaci i tako dalje se povezue sa pricu o mogucnosti svako iz skitckom plemenu da postane vuk i tako dalje je isto povezano sa filip MAKEDONSKI KRALJ KO JE IMAO SKICKU PRINCEZZU sta je dokaz pronagjena skicka zlatni prtljag za strele u grobnici gde je filip pogreban…ali se najvrojatno radi za drevni indo evropski simbol sunca moze se naci shirum danasnje makedonije … takoda tvoje je prezime povezano sa sunce sonce Sunne …i rec kolo (oro) je povezano sa sunce
      tako da krug koi formiraju ljudi u kolo simbolishe sunce …. a dokoliko podelimo rec kolo – vrat (shija-mislim da je kod vas ali mozda i ne, nisam bas ehspert u srpsko hrvackom :)) ondak .. dobijemo prakticna tipicno slavjanska rec koja sama govori da taj simbol koj je sunce i nosi se oko vrata(shije) sta bi se reklo blize srca …i tako dalje i ma tu puno filozofije i jos vise nauke povezano sa tvom imenom tako da pitaj cika google on zna sve ::)

  5. hactic says:

    This symbol is strikingly similar to the Swastika symbol used in Nazi Germany. It stands for rotational fields, rotational magnetic fields? that are the driving force of these UFOs?

  6. BOJAN says:

    Kolovrat je stari Srpski (slovenski simbol) koji simbolizuje vecno kretanje zemlje, svemira i svih zvezda u svermiru zahvaljujuci bozjim mocima koji okrecu svet, kada prestane okretanje prestace i zivot na zemlji. KOLOVRAT=OKRETANJE=ZIVOT

  7. Dugi9 says:

    nije baš srpski al dobro , i srpski slaveni su ga koristili , dapaće.

    kolovrat is similar to swastika but not ass NAZI swastika , is similar to original indian or hindu and other swastika ,what have nothing to do with nazism then just spinning and sun and other staff.
    so kolovrat i similar to original swastika , not nazi swastika.
    kolovrat is not nazi , is slavenian
    slavic people are not germanic people , in 1940 nazism was start war and raise rasism and the idea was that slavenian people will be slaves to german because slavic people was and “colored” and then they hate them all and put them all in the sam trash.
    slavic people will never be nazi people.
    remember that!
    maybe they are some of them nacional sensitive but not nazi.
    patriotism and nazism is not the same because you have and communist patriotism what is even before nazi because communist ideology is older.

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