Advanced lighting in Mount Kolovrat

After sharing the account of Baura’s story with my local contact in Malaita I got some interesting feedback. My contact thinks that although Baura writes to Solomon Stars on different issues this story is hardly believable. However my contact told me of folk tale associated with Mount Kolovrat that not only supports Mairus’ claims of underground cave systems which are lit with unfamiliar light source, but also it gives good association as to why this mountain was named “Kolovrat” by the Dalmatian explorer in 16th century. First let me remind you what Marius said: “I do not know if the Giants of Guadalcanal ever had technology before, but they certainly do have now. In fact, I know that they have had a lighting system within their cave dwellings for at least the past 50 years now that has no obvious light source, such as bulbs and lamps, but somehow inside the mountains, it is just like daytime from what the eyewitnesses that have been captured and released have told me.”

Now my contact said the following: “I still remember a folklore that told of a man going after his breadfruit which fell down a sinkhole. The man ended up in a huge cavern that is all lighted up (do not know how) and there seemed to be no night there. We call them dangi-talau, meaning daylight for ever. The people there taught their new friend the art of pan pipe music, and that was how moderners were able to play pan pipes. This originated from the north. I remember well the folklores that tell of giants flying straight into or out of a sinkhole, (not climbing down or up). These giants have very long hair and their hair made noises as they flew. These were the ones that stole people and took them underground.”

Considering that Kolovrat symbolizes the Sun, and that this mountain might hold caves with unexplained, daylight-for-ever, light source it makes you wonder if viceroy found these strange caves as well.

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3 Responses to Advanced lighting in Mount Kolovrat

  1. Blaze33 says:

    So now we have flying hairy giants… and the supposedly flying lizard-men claimed by Marius…
    I have always wondered if there are WWII stories by American/Japanese soldiers about the strange things happening in Guadalcanal. If so, it could shed some light on the mysterious giants/lizard-men…
    Good post, and keep your work up.

  2. Dinah Ward says:

    Awesome site will stayed tuned for more results……Come quickly Lord Jesus

  3. Lars says:

    Does anyone have contact information for Marius Boirayon?

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