Solomon Islanders We Need Your Help!

After long silence on my page I have reason to make a new post. Those of you who read regularly already know that Wojtek is on one-man expedition in Solomon islands. He is staying there by 21 December 2011. Among other things like (weather, finances, physical fitness for navigating humid tropical jungle) due to intricate local customs, approvals and perhaps some dishonest local people Wojtek is having a lot of difficulty gathering proofs and evidence of any mysteries he has set to discover. Some people support him some people don’t trust him, but he definitely needs more support in terms of information, permission to access ancient burials sites, ruins or anything that is considered tabu place yet might hold a groundbreaking discovery for the rest of us humans who don’t have the opportunity to visit your amazing country.

If you want to sincerely enlighten your nation and bring the same light to the rest of the world PLEASE get in touch with us! We know there are local people from all walks of life who know something and would like to see this exposed, but for some reason there is just not enough initiative and secrecy seems to be very valued. Can you at least explain why the secrecy? Is because you know what is going on or you don’t know what is going on in your country?

Are we being disrespectful in some way we don’t understand? Or are we just disrespectful for not minding our own business?

If you know the background of these mysteries and lets say that ET presence in your country is real…is it good or is it bad for you people? What have you learned?

I understand that everyday life is not easy and when we face every day with our duties engineered by civilization that we belong to it is definitely not easy to dedicate yourself to these higher goals. They might seem like a childish game. Are you tired and you have no time? I understand, I also have no time. In fact you have no idea how much effort I’m putting into typing this post. I could be typing something for my work and daily bread you know, but on this particular day I decided to spend that time for my blog. Can you spend some time reflecting on your history and connect dots with what is going on today?

Do you think we are in it for the money? Wojtek quit his job in order to come to Solomon Islands to pursue his dream. I think I know what your ancestors saw in the eye of the white man when he came to Solomon Islands for the first time in history. They saw his urge to take, to get a hold of, to control, to consume, to make claim of, to insidiously befriend you so he can take advantage of you….not everyone is like that,  and not this time.

We need your help. We cannot afford to pay for it or we can afford very little. We are calling like minded people with strong tribal/ancestral connections in the community who feel that this expedition and this initiative is not a waste of time, but an adventure of a lifetime. Please let’s get in touch.

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10 Responses to Solomon Islanders We Need Your Help!

  1. hactic says:

    Hi, I frequently check on your blog. I live in the pacific and I’m quite interested in the Solomon case. Any updates from this trip. Is everything alright. Thanks.

    • Hi Hactic,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I would say keep checking both my blog and blog of my colleague, Wojtek Everything is alright from perspective of being able to return safely. I don’t think we have any material evidence to support what’s being claimed in Solomon’s, but I think that the stage is set for the next potential expedition to be more successful.

  2. popzz says:

    Hi, do you really want to face and know the truth about my country?..its more then the tales you hear.

  3. popzz says:

    Hi, do you really want to face and know the truth about my country?

  4. jon leggatt says:

    Hi there i worked over in solomon islands guadalcanal 30km up into the hills for 13months from oct 2010, at the gold ridge mine site doin a reloction for the village people, i used to hear some real crazy storys about all sorts of witch carft, ufo’s, black magic, made a lot of good friends i i wish i could of flimed some of these storys a put them up on this site, will be goin back there later in the year

  5. Dave says:

    Even if coverage is not assessable one day all things will come to light and light will shine its rays across the globe, only time will tell what are these things meant to us.

  6. Oscar says:

    I know you posted this a while ago, but I am thirteen and since I was five I have wanted to travel the world and discover all the same things, I also have some information for you that you and Wojtek would find very helpful. And possibly you could help me out if you find it helpful? Email me at
    Please, It would change everything for me.

  7. Solo says:

    I have seen you take a huge task in trying to know Solomon Islands mysteries. How dare you!!!.What you looking for is out there in America and Europe . Leave Solomon Islands alone!!.you have no idea what you are looking for. These mystries a ours and has been part of us for centuries. For your good leave Solomon Islands mysteries

    • Wojtek B says:

      Solo, it’s been many months since you’ve left your comment so maybe you will not read this, but could you explain (and I am asking out of curiosity and out of respect, NOT out of contempt) why the mysteries of Solomon Islands should be left alone? Why are you saying “How dare you!”? I am just trying to understand. Are the stories told over centuries by Solomon Islanders so dangerous? What is the reason why all these stories – and, more importantly, all those eyewitness accounts – should be left within Solomon Islands? You say: “You have no idea what you are looking for.” Could you kindly clarify that statement? Again, is some sort of danger attached to these creatures, places, phenomena? I really, really, really – again, out of curiosity and respect, not contempt – would like to know why (some!) Solomon Islanders are so offended when Europeans or Americans try to get a tiny step closer to solving these mysteries which are the mysteries of the world, not just of Solomon Islands. Would there be the same level of offence if a native Solomon islander was looking for exactly the same mysteries? Many thanks for your kind response (if you ever read this, that is 🙂 ).

  8. Rima says:

    if you want to know more about mysteries in Solomon islands keep in touch with me so that I can enlighten.

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