Some Video Materials and Interviews from 2011 Expedition

Thank you Wojtek, thank you Warren and many thanks to kind SI locals!


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4 Responses to Some Video Materials and Interviews from 2011 Expedition

  1. Francis Bele says:

    hi…jus doin some research and found out about this…would have liked to join the expedition last year if i had known..any others coming up…what were your findings???..i’m also from Guadalcanal.

    • Hi Francis,

      Thank you for leaving message on my blog. We didn’t get any material evidence, but some valuable experience was gained about how to approach future expeditions. Also in attempts to make any discoveries my colleagues built trust with some local people. I would say that it is very difficult to make any meaningful discoveries without assistance of local people. Moving through different territories is impossible without that. Also the 2011 expedition was basically two men team with very limited resources. I will keep you posted about new expeditions. Until then I would love to see raised awareness among local people so that they organize themselves in bringing this out in the open.

      Please spread the word as much as you can. Some people will laugh, but some will start thinking.


  2. Arosi1 says:

    Hi, My family is from Arosi, Makira but I live in Australia and havent been back to my village in Makira for almost ten years.
    I’ve heard alot of these stories from my wantoks, they’re a pretty superstitious bunch. Quite fascinating stories though. Some of the stuff is tabu but after visiting some wantoks right down at the end of makira, I decided that one day I would go exploring further into the special caves they showed me – thats where the kakamora live/d. Right down the end of the island (past Marou Bay) is regarded as the most significant area in Arosi with respect to kakamora.
    Contact me if you’re interested in getting more info.

  3. Alista Asa says:

    hi am interested and want to know more about the information

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