They only way to get scientific evidence about giants and UFOs phenomena is by going to Solomon Islands on an expedition. The purpose of this blog is to engage people in thinking, to give them additional clues and hopefully to engage people who already live in Solomon Islands to investigate. The purpose is to get maximum information independently from Marius’ claims before mounting an expedition. Marius’ story is nice and entertaining way to start, but the real fun starts when you start investigating on your own. Stay tuned, try not to feed your phantasy, and use your mind and your personal experience only.


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  1. davey grey (RA) says:

    hello my name is davey grey aka ra as the local soloman islanders know me. Excuse my grammar as i am a 1 digit typer. Im a driller (geotech, not resource)of maori-scottish desent, who does works in new zealand and in and around the pacific, soloman islands(honiara) being my latest trip. I have stumbled across your website by accident as i am doing research on the type of gemstones that are on the malaita islands. why? because whilst on my trips and many trips i meet very interesting people, and on this latest trip i met a young chief who will remain unknown who is one of 5 trustee members of a tribe called ‘fau’ which means gemstone(this young man had a cop with him at all times who looked like his uncle) . when i met this young man he had just received an analysis report from a nz geology department on the 50kg of rock from the eastern part of malaita with the results being far more than generous. He told me a story about how the gemstones are that abundant they are sitting on the surface, like sides of roads etc and at certain times at night like the full moon the light refracts and shoots rays back into the sky? that got me curious, i stumble across a summary of yours where this story resonated. Now my friend will go through me to go about extraction, but my main concern is the people being left with nothing like in honiara(tuna,gold etc), that place is turned to shit and the majority have lost their roots to their trueselves, not to mention the diseases that are rife. In saying this its not to late.
    Now I come to you with interest of a vision i had, and its about restoration, exposure and respect. It might sound farfetched but ask yourself this ’20 years ago did i think i would be communicating with someone from newzealand via internet who contacted me in interest from a blog i posted a year ago?’ everything starts from an idea, and everything happens for a reason. For you to continue your exploration you need to be funded? for the native people they need to be exposed? for the people of this planet the things you talk of need to be exposed? but in doing this can be playing a game of roulette, life at risk. so we need to stay in the light as steven greer says.
    I will keep the rest of my cards close to my chest, if you are interested i will show n tell you more. If you decide to reply please do so by email.

  2. Pic of ufo on Guadalcanal 2011 says:

    As above, Contact me.

  3. silver says:

    Hello, I write from Italy, I read everything carefully and what I read I thought was very interesting.
    I can not provide more aid, but in my small way I want to do something, as well as bring part of this discussion, I put your link in order to give voice to your site.

    I wish you good luck, do not give up!

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