Expedition to Solomon Islands

My friend Wojtek Bobilevicz is more determined than ever to go there and try to get some first hand evidence about the numerous paranormal phenomena in Solomon Islands. I think you will find this blog not only enjoyable, but educational as well in case you plan your own expedition some day. Thanks Wojtek for having the bravery and resolve to plunge into this stuff on a new level. Hopefully I will be able to do the same, as this chair research of mine is getting really boring. Hopefully one day when I get my financing (and few other things in life) straight. Here’s the blog: http://solomonexpedition.wordpress.com/


3 Responses to Expedition to Solomon Islands

  1. georges massey says:

    hello my name is georges massey from switzerland .
    I have been interested in this solomon giants saga when i read the Marius Boirayon article
    in nexus over five years ago and wanted even to do some field research with Dean Harisson
    who had organized some trip there and is currently his own yowie org in sydney and who
    has personally been face to face several time with yowies……
    Dean story and Wojtek story show the same huge problems and difficulties traveling in the
    solomons where now or today means nothing or maybe tomorrow or even next week and where
    going from one place to another is worse than going on the moon …!?
    I mailed Marius Boirayon the idea that these giants were maybe the kins of the giants of
    the legendary continent of mu lost in unknown period of time , which Marius agreed …?
    Whatever they are , and moreover the ufos and other small creatures of the solomons
    make these islands maybe the most strange and mysterious place on earth ..!
    although I am very scared of snakes and all crawling things I am thinking to visit the
    solomons to check things personally and would like to keep in touch with your team…..
    georges Massey

  2. Hi Georges,

    Thank you for your kind and honest comment. We will keep in touch. Would be good if a new expedition opportunity comes.


  3. Lars says:

    Im planning on a trip there as well. Does anyone have contact info. for Marius Boirayon? I would really like to speak with him.

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