Asking the right question

Going deeper into my investigation I got in touch with a man six months ago. I’m not going to disclose his identity as I respect every man’s right to take care of his reputation, preserve his job, feed his family etc.  Anyway this is someone who spent a lot of time in SI and who offered valuable information. We discussed about giants, UFOs etc, but his explanation of UFO is the most interesting one which brought up some new questions. He had the opportunity to discuss the UFO sightings with the locals in a remote area. They offered a very detailed description from which he concluded (and he emphasized this without a doubt based on his knowledge of aircraft) that those are US manufactured attack helicopters. The villagers described them down to the navigation lights and cockpit glow. These are most likely, and I quote my contact, “…Cobra, Apache, or still in development helicopters.  No doubt. The mystery is not if they are seeing UFOs, but WHY are they seeing helicopters?   So something strange is happening, but not what some people would want to assume.”

I assume that Australian army bought some of those attack helicopters from USA and probably employed them during the etnic tension and RAMSI intervention. But why do people continue to see these helicopters on a daily basis? And isn’t it interesting that Mairus Boirayon introduced himself as helicopter pilot/engineer? I quote the original: Some years ago, as I had once been working as a Helicopter pilot/engineer, I was asked by a boss helicopter pilot of an American fishing fleet that had helicopters, to look after their spare parts required, as Australia was closer that Guam. The job lasted six weeks and I was handsomely paid for my little effort. The office I took was just opposite the old Guadalcanal Provincial Headquarters

Here is an interesting post from Belden T., a SI islander. I found this post much earlier then getting in touch with my contact. I didn’t give it enough thought until hearing the helicopter explanation.  This post makes a lot of sense when you observe the UFO story in the light of mysterious military helicopters:

I am a Solomon Islander. I happened to get your website from a friend thru the internet. I read about the articles of giants and UFOs and their sites in the Solomon Islands. I come from Makira Island, an island in the east part of the country and east of Guadalcanal Island. In my island we also had entcounters of UFOs. The western end of the island, closer to Guadalcanal is said to be the base of these UFOs. These UFOs have been on the island for a long time but it was during the height of the enthnic tension (2000) that these things really put on a good show. The people of west Makira are very familiar with these. During the year 2000 (and until 2003), these flying objects really showed themselves up. People see planes, warships, and even real people in army uniforms. The mysterious thing about these UFOs (at least for this part of the world) is that they do not make noises, even when they just fly above the coconut trees (approximate height – 30 to 100m) you cannot hear any sound. If you listen very carefully, you can only hear a sound similar to when you play a tape in your stereo recorder. These UFOs usually fly in the night, some times high and some times just above the trees. Very early in the morning (about 5:30 am) if you are lucky you could see one of them and reports from those who saw them, they said they can sometimes see the body of the UFO, like a real plane, some they say look like the sting-ray (diamond shape) only that they are smaller than actual planes. Sometimes during broad daylight, people actually see them, real planes and helicopters making a lot of noise. I personally did not belive such stories until one night, waiting patiently to see one, I had my chance. This was in Kirakira, the provincial capital, and about 50 kilometers from Arosi area, in year 2000. The time that they usually appear in this part of the island was a 12 o’clock midnight. It was 12:30 am after giving up hope and going back into my house that I decided to take a last look outside thru the window that I saw the red signal light of the flying object. Running into the bedroom to call my wife,we went outside to watch the flying object. If flew just above the trees but we could not hear any noises. After this incident, I believe the stories from the people sighting these flying objects. Another mysterious thing was that, as the  ethnic tension cooled down, these things also slowed down their appearances and finally now, they can be only seen on rare occasions. This makes our people wonder as to what it all means. Is there any secret mission somewhere?  Thanks.  Belden T.

..well as the time goes by I kind of lost my thread of thought and not sure what to write in this post anymore. There is much more to tell so stay tuned. If you think this is bull, wait to see my next post.

Homework for the readers: In relation to bold parts of Belden’s post – it makes a lot of sense that during the war you have military vehicles and aircrafts showing up more frequently comparing to military activity in peace right? What I want to know, and this is the new homework, is the helicopter patrol routines of RAMSI forces stationed in SI? When and where do they take off  and land?, Their fly routes, etc. I’m no expert in this so if you know some army people who might be able to draw some parallels here I would be glad if you can share. Or better yet does RAMSI currently have aerial patrols at all?? What daily business would attack helicopters have in SI NOW? As for the silent low-flying  UFO, I think Apache could perform like this, but far from “any noises” or sounding like playing tape recorder. Usually when flying very low Apache tries to hide or sneak. Hide from what? From poor people with spears and arrows? One thing is for sure – the word “helicopter” appearing too many times in this story.

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Yowiehunters expedition

I wanted to make a quick reflection on the findings made by crew. For those of you who don’t know Yowiehunters or AYR (Australian Yowie Research) is a group of enthusiasts who seem to take their cryptid research hobby seriously and have built somewhat of reputation, but how really reputable and reliable they are is not the subject of this post. Anyway Marius Boirayon made contact with them and they went on expedition to the SI and here is their account:

First thing I must comment is that obviously Marius did not leave a good impression on Yowiehunters:

“..he handed Mike what he claimed was a giant un-cut Diamond in which he could keep. Later that week, Mike handed it to a major Gold Coast Jeweller that confirmed it was nothing more exciting than a piece of glass?.. This was just one in a multitude of incorrect claims supplied by him. Alarm bells were ringing?.. “


“My only reservation was Marius. He was not to come.”

So Marius contacted them, asked for money, gave a false diamond and …hmmmm.

There is however something which is in favor of Marius at least in terms of story consistency and this is going to be understood only by those who read the book. This Yowiehunters post was made in 2006 and they went there in 2003. So these reported claims:

“He declared his use of an alias was not only because he was being followed, but also his phone was tapped and he had evidence that he needed to defend…”

“…had worked in several roles while living in the Islands and claimed he had the ear of the “President” and presented us with an official invitation from some Government Department…”

“…he had always stated that he could never return due to threats to his life…”

“…mining conspiracies and hidden Diamonds…”

All this goes hand in hand with the content of the Solomon Islands Mysteries book that was published in 2009.

Now something more important that must be made clear for those thinking about going to Solomon Islands for a “hike” after reading this blog.

“Their stories were fascinating while they spoke with conviction about the Giants of the forest they, and many other natives had encountered. According to the two, the Giants still remain in the centre of the Island that is very remote, hostile and hard to navigate…”

“…under no circumstances walk these tracks alone…”

“He rushed to the man and frantically explained in their language who we were and which village gave us permission to cross this border…”

“One of the main concerns to the native Solomon Islanders was the constant paranoia of Western Mining Companies raping their land for minerals, oil and Diamonds, which would desecrate their land and threaten their way of life…”

Without prior permission to head through which was supposed to have been arranged prior to the trip; we could have been speared to death…”

“Michael had already shown a great deal of financial generosity towards them to keep us safe and they were always gesturing for more..”

“…this was all such a poorly executed expedition on behalf of our guides in which we had intrusted so much faith upon…”

I hope you see my point. And I had these dangers confirmed by a number of people who spent some time exploring SI. Giants or no giants, exploring the islands’ interior is a daunting task. Without good relationship with tribes, especially tribe elders and chiefs, good local guides, a lot of money exclusively designated for bribing you probably won’t get far and you might get your self killed. You need to understand that further inland you go there is a greater chance you will run into tribes that don’t care much about the civilized world imported to SI. They still live off the land and don’t leave the jungle premises. Will you bribe them too with money ? I don’t think so because money is of no worth to them. Supplies, clothes and everything you posses and they find interesting, that might go, but at one point you won’t have anything more to give and that can spell trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I heard from others that indigenous people are very kind and  friendly, but keep in mind that you are venturing in different world looking for giants. Younger people might find that interesting and will tell you “olketa kastom” stories, but the real, quality info you can only get from village elders who from reports I got are protective and secretive about topics such as giants.

For the end of this post here is something inspirational from Yowiehunters expedition:

During his interrogation, he asked the purpose of our visit. “The Giants” we responded. “Giants? The last Giants died ten years ago. There are no more Giants now”. The look in his eyes told a different story. He may have been able to bluff his way over the simple villagers, however it was more than apparent that this so called Holy man was nothing more than a power hungry cloak and dagger stand over from the medieval times. “There are no Giants, you must leave now. “”

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The “Reptilian” statue

There is no much material evidence to support this story or debunk it so let’s start with that first. Remember the reptilian statue described by Marius? There is actually a photo of it here: .

The photo is poor resolution and I was really cheering for it to be in line with the story, but it’s not. And the story says:  “This very futuristic “Star Trek” warrior-type reptilian half-human man has a very determined look upon his face whilst holding his tail-attached ultra-modern ray-gun in his right hand and pointing to the west with his left”.  First thing that you notice right away is there is no left hand pointing anywhere. I thought to myself, well maybe that’s a lie but from this resolution I really can’t say whether the statue is of fisherman as described by the PacificWrecks or is it a sort of X-man. I was tripping that I can see goggles of sort on the statue’s head but that is probably  reflection of the Sun plus the effect of decreased resolution.

I also managed to prove this by obtaining the photo in it’s original resolution. I’m not going to show you the original photo because I didn’t get permission to publish it so you’ll just have to trust me there is nothing out of the ordinary  with this statue and it’s just human with quite normal human face standing there.  Marius even wrote “The less detailed bullet ridden statue that is there now was the replacement that the Japanese put there in hindsight just before the Solomon Island Tension.” Well if it less detailed and bullet ridden it should still depict the same thing right?? Well not this statue.

I’ll show you another photo that supports the PacificWrecks and some other sites report that in 2008 some vandals tried to steal the statue and sell it for scrap metal. As you can see the poor statue is just lying there and still nothing out of the ordinary.

Vandalized statue

I was told by John Innes  that statue was a donation of family of the  Japanese sculptor. After the vandalism the sculpture is now again in the possession of Japanese until they decide what to with it. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to John Innes for not being entirely truthful when I explained the background of my interest in this statue. John, you are probably pissed off when you learned why I contacted you, but for the sake of truth I could not mention the real story from start as you would probably think that I’m crazy.

Homework for the readers: Yes you will be getting homeworks on this blog because I can’t do it all alone. It would be interesting to get in touch with the family of Seiichi Takahashi, the sculptor who made this statue.  Although I consider this case closed because I saw the original photo I still wonder what they have to say about this…

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The story so far…

I don’t wanna make the long story long again, so what I am about to give here is a list of essential links that form the main scaffold of my research. The whole thing started with the first website that published the story and it was  probably established by the original author Marius Boirayon, This website is down for a long time now. Two years, probably more. You can check the WHOIS info and see that the website was created 4th of July 2003. Today the original story resides at People usually find the story through this website

My original intention in this research was to get in touch with the Solomon Islands locals and I finally found a suitable forum. My post is here It’s been going on since Jan 20, 2009. I advise that you study this post carefully as any other scholar would. It has more than enough info to get you started and you will find some extremely interesting replies, but please read carefully and re-read if necessary. I’m pretty sure that this is the most objective and detailed discussion that currently exist online about Solomon Islands mysteries. Trouble is this forum is way too much into politics and economy so there is very little room for things like giants and UFOs, but on the other hand I hope that some educated people who live on SI and visit that forum will get some ideas and try to look for themselves.

Bare in mind that links I provided today is not everything I have to offer. You need to be aware that there are communities online where Solomon Islanders meet and talk about things yet they are completely oblivious to this original story! They talk about secret military bases in their country, secret armies roaming through the jungle and “silent planes” flying low above the ground…

I hope we become fellow researchers once you read through the material I gave here. Unless you don;t have the time and energy needed. I know that is something hard to obtain in today’s world that is constantly draining our energy.

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Hello world!

It took at least two years considering to blog or not to blog about this amazing and original story that basically falls into category of  UFO/NWO/Conspiracy genre. At first I was reluctant because I didn’t consider it to be true at the time (and still today I have some doubts), but as the time goes by you find things, you get in touch with people, you get information, and you realize that it’s not just about entertainment anymore, but you find yourself seriously playing the role of cyber detective. You would be amazed how much can be discovered just by using the internet only if you know how. Unlike other trash of the same genre that circles the internet this story had enough concrete material to be verified: names of people, places, etc and also material to prove that someone is exaggerating real things to make his story more popular.

What I want people to understand before I continue is my psychological setup when it comes to UFO/NWO/Conspiracy genre. For me personally it’s about serious entertainment. I’ve been reading and watching about things that relate to this phenomenon and I must admit it’s far more interesting and original than main stream SF crap that comes from Hollywood. Sometimes when watching those popular speakers and anti-NWO/Reptilian agenda partisans I can really catch myself thinking there’s gotta be something true to it. At least something. But then I call to my life lessons which basically say that you should trust only your personal experience and I realized NWO fanaticism is dangerous and contagious. I also analyzed what makes people dig into this stuff? Are their real lives miserable? Is it so hard for them to find their own intimate explanation of this world we are living in so they resort to easier things? Like aliens? You have to admit thinking that aliens control everything on this planet is really the easy way out to explain the world and to make it more interesting too. Because to some people it is disgusting to think that ONLY ordinary flesh and bone people are behind the appalling state the world is in today and it makes them furious that they cannot do anything about it. Because if all of this is just done by humans like you and I, then they can be stopped by proven means to stop a human. For most of the people on this world it is impossible to take things into their own hands all alone, arm themselves like Rambo, break into the NWO citadel and neutralize the bunch that is causing so much grief to this world. It’s too much to handle so you end up being depressed because of your inability to act. Isn’t it easier to fight a reptilian on an astral plane? Everyone can do that! They just need to learn how…ask David Icke. Ok enough of this. 🙂

As you can see I just played a mind game of a person that is in denial or what you could call a skeptic. The other mind game is simply swallowing everything that is served on the plate regarding NWO and wallowing in phantasy and fanaticism without any proof whatsoever. Most of us balance between these two mind games with a few going into the extremes. But something that stands firmly and independently is personal experience and investigation.  I haven’t been to Solomon Islands yet, I can’t offer you material evidence behind this story in form of photos, videos and artifacts. Today anything of that kind that gets offered is immediately labeled CG animation and a hoax) so what one experiences is really the most important thing. So it would be interesting to take on reptilians, greys and other creeps that come from the depths of universe to invade the Earth, but I try to be smarter than that and find my own truth. Although my experiences are so far only internet based, the people I contacted are very real and the story is becoming increasingly interesting.

So we’ll see how this blog goes. This blog is about finding out the truth no matter how X-filelike  lameness this statement carries. We can learn two things. Either we will find out why people resort to writing lies to earn a easier living or we will get to something real and sinister going on in Solomon Islands. But like my tagline says something IS really going on there…

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