Report from Poland

My friend and collaborator on the SI mysteries. He will offer his own perspective and interests on SI mysteries, but we will often draw from same resources as  we tend to work together, exchange information, contacts, etc. The difference is he actually visited Solomon Islands, saw the unexplained lights and has a burning desire to return and investigate the issue. Here is a link to report from his previous visit: and here is the link to his Solomon Islands Mysteries dedicated webpage:

It is a work in progress so, just as in case of my blog, be patient with awaiting new information. There is so much to be told by both of us, but it’s only a matter of putting things into a right format and respecting people that are contributing to the information we release. What I can do right now is provide this link:,proofs.html Indirect, Circumstantial, Corroborating or Supporting Evidence – this is basically what happened so far in a nutshell with a timeline to follow. This saves all of you people a lot of work, if you trust what’s been offered as information.


2 Responses to Report from Poland

  1. human says:

    looks everyone’s given up?

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