SI government seriously considers UFOs

I think there are not that many parliaments in the world where UFOs are being so frequently and openly discussed as in Solomon Islands parliament. Perhaps because no one really cares what goes on in SI? It’s very easy to obtain these transcripts. You just need to visit and Google for “UFO” and that’s it you have files available for download. I have mentioned this on Tutuvatu and shared this with my friend from Poland who explained the previous cases of UFOs and giants being mentioned in parliament sessions here:,proofs.html

“During the eighth session of the first parliamentary meeting on 25 April 2006 an MP called Oti said, among other things: “This Parliament has been hijacked. This Parliament has become a parliament that does not belong to the people of Solomon Islands. It seems to be a parliament of somebody else. I am telling this straight to you. This Parliament belongs to somebody else. We seem to bend down and succumb to this kind of forces, Mr Speaker, foreign aliens, UFO’s (unidentified foreign objects) […].  Mr Speaker, tell me when are we going to take control of ourselves? Can you tell me?”. Original file:Tuesday 25th April 2006 parliament session

The second statement comes from a parliamentary session held on 23 March 2009.  An MP, Mr Zama, said, among other things: “The only issue I would like to raise here, which is very disturbing as it has been going on for maybe since independence is that somebody may have been illegally using our airspace or has deliberately used our airspace without us knowing it. If people have been using our airspace, who is managing it on behalf of Solomon Islands? If they are using it, where are they paying that revenue to? Mr Speaker, I did a bit of research by browsing through the internet and the websites and I found an article that is a bit disturbing, and this is on the giants of the Solomon Islands and the hidden UFO basis. In this morning’s Solomon Star paper on page 17, there is also an article on ‘British Military of Defense briefed on UFO sightings’. Mr Speaker, this may be an unusual thing for me to discuss here but we are now talking about a special fund for operations within our sovereign airspace and this article on the Giants of the Solomon Islands is very, very well documented. I guess the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister as well as my learned Deputy Leader of Opposition would have knowledge of this because they have some bases here on Guadalcanal and they have some bases on Malaita. And according to this document they also have some bases on Makira as well. […]”. Original file:Monday 23rd March 2009 parliament session

And NOW the NEWS…and the reason why I decided to remind everyone on previous parliament sessions. There has been a new session specifically dedicated to the mysteriuos “plane crash” that happened on 7th September 2010:

The Speaker, Sir Allan Kemakeza took the Chair at 9.37 a.m.
At prayers, all were present with the exception of the Minister of Mines, Energy
& Rural Electrification; Lands & Housing and the Members for West Kwara’ae,
Aoke/Langa Langa.
Mystery plane crash: East Malaita
26. Mr SOGAVARE to the Minister of Police, National Security & Correctional Services: Concerning the sighting of the mystery plane by the people of East Malaita, can the Minister inform Parliament as follows: What steps were taken by the government to verify the report? What is the finding of the report?
Hon. TORA: I would like to thank my colleague Member for East Choiseul for asking this very important question for the interest of our people in East Malaita. We have heard what has happened, and this kind of incident not only happens in East Malaita but it also happened long ago in Makira where people there also told of a similar sighting but there has been no attempt to verify what has been sighted there.
Anyway for the sake of the question asked by the good honorable Member for East
Choiseul, I have the following answers from the Ministry and the Police who helped to provide the answers. Bear with me as I am going to take a bit of time to answer this question in order to clarify it.
On Tuesday 7th September 2010 around 17.45 and 18.15 hours, a number of persons from the villages of Ogou, which is about five (5) kilometres north of Atoifi and 20 kilometres south of Atori in East Malaita, reported that as they looked out to sea towards Leli Island, they saw a small aircraft emitting smoke from the rear and was travelling south. The plane was then seen to crash into the sea. This sighting was also confirmed by persons from Canaan Village as well as from witnesses who also confirmed that a small canoe had attempted to go out to the ocean area of the crash site which was about 4 to 5 km from the mainland, but turned back because of bad weather.
When the Atoifi Royal Solomon Islands Police Force received and confirmed these
reports, they immediately contacted the Honiara Radio Communications at the Police
Headquarters. This was communicated at 1900 hrs and it was confirmed that all aircraft from Honiara were accounted for. The Honiara Communications Unit took it further by notifying the PPF Provincial Policing with a view to formulate a plan of approach to respond to investigations.
On Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 14:20 hours, the same night, the PPF Provincial
Policing received the aircraft crash information from the Honiara Communications and
therefore notified the Participating Police Force (PPF) Coordinator in Auki, the Maritime Team Leader. The PPF Coordinator in Auki commenced liaising with the RSIPF and the Atori Police. Based on indicative probability that an aircraft had crashed, the PPF deployed a helicopter with Air Support Unit and Forward Looking Infrared capability to search the suspected crash area.
On Wednesday 8th September 2010, the search of the ocean area in Atori was delayed
and commenced at 0100 hours and with deteriorating weather conditions, the search was shortened and ceased at 0200 hrs. On the conclusion of this preliminary search response by the helicopter, it was confirmed that there was no sighting of any plane debris in the search pattern area. The next step then was to further zoom into the area of interest. At 0200 hrs, a Tier 2 boat departed Auki heading for Malu’u where at first light continued on to Atoifi where it arrived between 0800 hours and 0900 hours. The Tier 2 arrived in Atoifi and met with the RSIPF and local witnesses to the alleged plane crash. The Tier 2 and 3 banana boats conducted sea search of the area during daylight hours between 0900 hours and 1700 hours. There was no sighting of any plane debris, oil trails or bodies in the search area.
The PPF Provincial Coordinator met the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of
Communications and Aviation, the Director of the Solomon Islands Civil Aviation Authority (SICAA) and Chief Air Traffic Services to discuss the report of the alleged plane crash and the findings so far. They formulated a plan intended action by all parties. It was during this meeting that it was agreed that the SICAA will have “carriage of the investigation” in accordance to the legal obligations and provisions outlined in the Civil Aviation Act 2009 which relates to the legal authority of the Solomon Islands Civil Aviation Authority to investigate and enforce the rules based system under which civil aviation operates. Accordingly, SICAA sent an investigation team to Atoifi to work with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. The team consists of SICAA officials, the Solomon Islands Maritime Rescue personnel and members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police supported by PPF personnel. The PPF also provided assistance by airlifting three drums of fuel by helicopter from Auki to Atoifi to assist local boats conducting search of the area. The PPF Coordinator at Auki continued liaison with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Provincial Police Commander and then travelled to Atoifi to meet SICAA investigation team and assist the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force TO plan and manage the search of the sea as required. Warning orders were issued to the PPF, the RSIPF Disaster Victim Identification, Forensics and National Criminal Investigations Department in preparation and anticipation of locating a crash site and potential casualties.
On Thursday 9th September 2010, SICAA investigation team arrived on the ground in
Atoifi and worked with the Royal Solomon Islands Police and the PPF to investigate the plane crash report. Nill evidence was found on the sea or land to support the report of a plane crash. The PPF Coordinator in Auki and SICAA investigation team left Atoifi on the 11th September 2010. A debriefing meeting chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Aviation was convened where the RSIPF, the PPF, the Solomon Islands Search and Rescue and Air Traffic Services were present. The meeting made a resolution to terminate the operation and agreed that the Atoifi RSIPF continue to monitor the area for a further 14 days.
As you would realize, the steps undertaken by the various government agencies with
the assistance of the PPF are of high standard and well coordinated. It is very thorough and therefore reflects the high cooperation existing within the Solomon Islands Government Agencies and the PPF. It also reflects the urgent response that government agencies can act with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force taking the initial leading role hence I must commend them for their actions.
In answer to question (b), as already covered in my answer to part (a), which is quite
comprehensive, the findings revealed that there is no evidence of any plane crash and no evidence of any plane debris were found and that it is still a mystery.
Mr Sogavare: I thank the Minister for his response. I want to ask a supplementary question. The Minister made reference to 14 days put off when after doing those work they decide to put the progress of the search and whatever they were doing for 14 days. After the 14 days what else were you doing?
Hon. Tora: I would like to thank the honorable colleague Member for East Choiseul for that supplementary question. After those 14 days my office did not get any further information about the plane crash.
Mr ABANA: Thank you Minister for your comprehensive answer. The Minister also said there were similar sightings in Makira. Can the Minister explain what made those sightings similar to the one at Atoifi?
Hon. Tora: I mentioned that Makira has similar sightings of an aircraft. One example I can cite is that some people in West Makira way back in the 80s have seen a same kind of aircraft flying above the trees and then plunging down into the bush. That is one real story coming from there. When that plane disappeared into the bush, they could not see anything and so the people ran to the place they thought they saw it going down and searched the place but they did not find any aircraft. They even saw a speed boat when they went fishing at night but when they went closer it disappeared and they did not see it.
Mr HANARIA: You would agree with me that this is costing the government when we do not have reliable information for the government to act on. My question is, how reliable does your Ministry assess information of such nature before committing government to involve in a search?
Hon. Tora: It is reliable information that comes from people who saw it with their own eyes. When information reached the Police and other relevant authorities, they cannot turn a blind eye to such information but they have to carry out investigations into it. Because if they just sit down after getting information without doing anything is not good because it will only create complaints and all that from that area. Although the government spent money on that investigation I think it is only proper and is fitting.
Mr HOUANIPWELA: This is a matter of interest to some of us. As the Minister mentioned, reports that come pointed to similar sightings in different places and the Minister has just mentioned that it is already a mystery to some people. The Minister’s report seems to indicate that this will remain a mystery. I want to know whether the government wants this thing to remain a mystery.
Hon Tora: My answer to part (b) of the question states very clearly that there is no evidence and so it will still remain a mystery.
Mr SOALAOI: I have two very short supplementary questions for the Minister. I would have thought that if someone says he actually sees the thing then there is no need to waste time to go and find out. My question is whether the Minister of Police knows exactly how many people sighted the plane, and also in the Minister’s answer at the end he mentioned that the incident remains a mystery which I want the Minister to explain to us in what ways has the incident become a mystery to our people.
Hon Tora: The question asked was already made clear. I have already answered that question in the lengthy answer I have given. If any sightings happen again, I believe relevant authorities will continue to investigate if it is going to cause fear to people in any particular area that sighted the plane. But I do not have information as to the number of people who have seen the plane.
Mr Abana: The Minister mentioned that people from Ogou and Canaan actually sighted the plane or something else from a distance of about four to five kilometers. Minister, I did not hear you say whether they actually heard any sound of explosion coming from the impact of the plane going into the sea. I only heard you say that the people only saw the plane ditching into the sea but whether there is any explosion. Can you clarify that?
Hon Tora: The information I received was that the people saw smoke coming out of the plane when it seemed to crash into the sea.
Hon MAELANGA: Thank you for allowing me to contribute briefly to questions raised by my colleague Members on the other side to the Minister of Police. I think this incident happened in my constituency and therefore I would like to inform the House that sightings like this have been happening there a long time ago, and when this report came it confirmed that there is nothing and so even those of us in East Malaita are not too sure what this is all about. If we start to think this is an UFO or try to study areas like that you will start to be aware of things like this. We even heard about similar sightings in Makira like my people are seeing lights and when they went and check they find nothing.
It is good that this thing has happened and police report confirms that there is no
evidence of a plane crash. I mean for us in East Malaita it is a bit strange to us that such a thing like that happens but for us to actually know what that is, we do not know. I just want to clarify this to the House so that we know. I do not know about other places but where the incident happened, from my village in the middle of the bush I can look down to the sea and during some of my times in my village I can see this strange sighting. I can see lights appearing which later on disappeared and when people go down to check there is nothing. I just want to clarify this to the House for the information of Members of Parliament.
I think the report given by the Police is very clear and all of us should be satisfied with.
All the detailed information we might need from the Police has been given by the Minister of Police this morning and therefore I do not think we should ask the Minister of Police any further questions because t is very clear there.
Mr Sogavare: As rightly expressed by the Deputy Prime Minister, I think the question has been fully answered by the Minister for Police. This side of the House only has the duty to ensure our people are safe. What actually happened was reported by the people that they actually sight things crashing into the seas and it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Police and National Security to ensure that we know exactly what is happening. Since this thing has happened and has become public knowledge, I think we should be putting more emphasis to actually establish what has really happened instead of just ruling them off as something that just happens. There are things called UFO so that is the concern of this side of the House. In saying that, I thank the Minister for responding to the question. Original file:4th October 2010 mystery dedicated parliament session

You see it people, this stuff is going on and goes on as you read my post. After having few conversations with people who personally went on their own private expeditions to SI for the same reason – to uncover some or all of the mysteries there has been a unanimous agreement that Australian and probably US government are clamping down on SI, Vanuatu and PNG in order to contain this situation for the rest of us “civilized moderners”. It’s very hard to go there as a foreigner with an expedition in mind wihout ASIO breathing down your neck and all other strange occurrences that prevent you from finding the *right places*. What gives me reason to rejoice is that SI government for which I hope still has some sovereignity over it’s country is hopefully waking up to these phenomena and will conduct their own search. What needs to happen is just a little bit more of this silly pilots who crash their planes into the sea and bush just for fun and to scare local people. Or a little bit more of illegal corporate logging until giants have nowhere to hide anymore? What needs to happen I ask you, for you to start seeing this on your TV news rather than just reading it on my blog???

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6 Responses to SI government seriously considers UFOs

  1. Bernard says:

    Go there, there’s no need for permits.. just go as a visitor, go to Malaita and ask for information, carry out your own analysis and trust me there is a lot you will find out, Giants bones and graves are still there to this day, the sightings of these UFO drones carry on to this day, and the lucky ones who have managed to travel to the hollow interior of the earth through Malaita’s caves are a few but are still around, who knows you just might meet someone willing and able to talk with you about this if he is sure that you are not Ramsi, stories of sightings can be collected through nearly you ask, since it is so common, i recently went there and and heard someones own eyewitness testimony that he does not know how to explain seeing a dolphin freeze in mid air while jumping out of the water next to this emerging UFO, its been so common there that the people are warned not to fish around parts reserved for the UFO’s, and in some cases mobile phones are used to call neighboring villages to report an incoming UFO by other villagers which as an act of keeping people safe and away from them.

  2. RE, SolomonGiants says:

    Hi SolomonGiants,
    Colloidal Silver Generator might be a very good way of staying virus free(malaria etc) in your trip as it can also be solar powered and rain water wont be a problem…

    Ufo and aliens/Giants are a huge part of ancient Solomon Islands knowledge, just look at the NguzuNguzu its on the Solomon Islands 1dollar coin, it is known as a spirit that is commonly seen coming in and out of the ocean in a bright light (flying a UFO), It is always associated with that bright light and great speeds at which it fly’s, and also for the heat/burns people get when it hovers over them, people who have actually met this alien as it came out of its craft in an encounter are the ones who record its face in the NguzuNguzu statues/carvings (look closely and compare to a common grey alien face) also these same statues/carvings are also the same as the ones on Rapanui Easter Island and surprise surprise they are also on the Swiss and Iraqi bank notes.

    Avery well known story i’ve heard about Guadalcanal Giants is one in which villagers talk of Giants in the Hills of Guadalcanal abducting girls from their village, in some cases the girls escape and return to tell of the so called Underground world they were taken into and the other giants who live in there.There have been cases of women giving birth to the baby of the Reptile like creature who also abduct Guadalcanal girls, they babies have come out looking like reptiles (snakes is how they describe them) and thus were killed and stories hushed away as not to bring shame to the women.
    Similar to this case:

    During the ethnic tension a Religious man (Pastor/Church Leader) and his helpers tried to make a trip by foot through Guadalcanal to reach the Militants on the other side and thus preach to them in an attempt to bring a stop to the violence, instead they encountered a Reptilian being on-top of one of the mountains while crossing which chased them away from their path.
    I have heard a 1st hand story from a local villager who claims that he fell into a really deep hole while walking on the Guadalcanal hills, he then tried his best to walk through the tunnel to get out but to his amazement he heard voices talking, he approached the voices and came across blond white men alongside these reptilian creatures and UFO saucers next to a large underground water hole/sea hole, he then crept away scared and not long after found an exit which when he came through it and looked back it was not see-through but had the form of jungle tree’s etc (camouflage hologram?), he also was shocked to find that his little journey took him from one side of Guadalcanal all the way though to the other side of the island which he exited in a very short time frame. ( Ask about the traditional “Bush Motorbike” form of travel)
    If you approach Guadalcanal villagers/Makira or Malaitan villagers they will all know of these flying lights which are a real tabboo to approach, they are so well known and common that people there do not search for them but rather avoid them as spirits that may bring harm.
    As for Malaitan ancient knowledge regarding ancient sites, in Malaitan History the story goes that Malaitans actually came from somewhere in the middle east (this is the root idea behind claims of being parts of the lost tribes of Israel), the exodus leader also had a staff/rod, and they also followed/or flew in Lights in search of the Island of Malaita, they first settled on-top of a mountain in Guadalcanal and thought that this was the land they had searched for (this is how Guadalcanal people came into being) but after a while they were lead/or flew in the Lights once again across to the real land they had been in search of, they landed on Mount Alsa in Malaita and that is where all the ancient sites were built, they had brought with them Gold!! vast amounts of Gold and sacred things in their safe keeping, some speak of technology beyond even what we have today, as well as lots of ancient sacred teachings in tablets of Gold etc that were to be hidden away. People in Malaita know of these sites but only custom men approach them, and yes these custom men still talk of the existence of tablets in gold and huge gold bars/bricks and statues but are sacred and should not be moved or talked of too much.
    The first language to come from this settlement of mount Alsa is Quara’ae and it has allot of similarities in comparison with middle eastern languages.
    Without a doubt these are not just made up stories but are factually handed down from generation to generation (maybe a little distorted). This is quite similar to fellow papua new guinea tribes men who in their ancient knowledge talk of their crash landing of their UFO in a lake in the Papua New Guinea highlands and this being he reason for their existence in this area of Paua New Guinea, they still to this day swear to the fact that if anyone tried to take them seriously they would find the UFO like craft still resting somehere at the bottom of the lake in PNG.
    Here is an interesting video from PNG encounter:

    During World War 2 in Solomon Islands these official US sightings/Reports might be of interest to you:

    also Stephen J. Brickner, a sergeant with the 1st Marine Division, had an even more fantastic encounter with mysterious aerial objects in Tulagi WW2:

    I could go on and on but the fact is Solomon Islands is being used a a base for something that involves UFO type craft, blond looking white men which also operate submarines and aircraft, there are reptilians there/Giants who may still be alive but readily available are their bones for DNA, their graves are accessible, the little hairy men known as kakamora in Makira Islands and also known as Hitchi in Renbel islands (Renbel islanders chased them away from Renbel after having coexisted with them there, had a very well know ancient tribal war with them before taking over the land from them which they the hitchi little men originally owned and not the now Rennel Bellonna people). This White Missionary had an encounter with them on Makira
    (Charles Elliot Fox), he was a missionary there in the colonial days

    WW2 Japanese Soldiers met these giants:

    Japanese lookout/soldier stationed on an Island hilltop in the Solomon’s Shortland Island group in WW2 supposedly witnessed the Shortland island sea monster (well known to the islanders) emerging from the ocean, after WW2 he took his story back home to Japan where it eventually caught on and became the story of the famous Godzilla!!!

    I would be glad to help out if you are in Honiara, i have people who could really help you out in all Makira/Malaita/and Guadalcanal Islands.


  3. RE, SolomonGiants says:

    Forgot to add the link for the godzilla account:

    Also here make a mistake with an above link posted twice but here is the link for the interesting and very credible PNG encounter:

  4. RE, SolomonGiants says:

    Also this might be of interest to you:

    Malaitan Giant feet new world record!!

  5. richard bedford says:

    Yes some of the UFO’s where spotted somewhere around Guadalcanal highlands near Goldridge mining. But these where RAMSI patrolling helicopters who said that they where on training to keep their performance up to the required standard, why landed in the middle of the bush. Are they trying to steal from us. Remember the Australian soldier whom fell into a cave somewhere around Mount Austin. After a year his mother funded a school at the nearby village. Curiously, how could you anyone go back and help the people from the place where his/her close relative had died. Well, there was this story back in the world war 2 when the Japanese came into Solomon and battled against America. Romours say that they took with them two swimming pool size of Gold bars and after they left the Solomon, they buried some of them in some places which are still haunted even up till now. Only certain people knew these places and its been kept as a secret. some people have tried to find out these riches by searching for them but only left dead by some spiritual forces which they believed that have been keeping these things. After thirty years or so the Japanese came back and started investing in these areas. After 5 to 10 years they live the investment to the government and they seek new investment in another province. See the trend? I believed that they have the maps to these places so they knew where they are and they are going to take them back. Some European tourists have came into the country and try to look for this things but could not find them. Even worse the RAMSI is using their technology and political power to try unfold these mysteries but only get bad luck.. The Solomon islands government should see these issues and try to take serious measures to prevent them from taking the few remaining ones, because most of them have been taken already by foreigners.

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