Holographic camouflage in Solomon Islands

I thought it would be good to compile some information on what seemed to be pure fantasy at first, but now it’s worth considering by anyone intent on getting visual evidence of UFOs or secret bases in Solomon Islands. Respectively I will start with Marius’ story, particularly the part explaining the aliens’ interest in rare gemstones that exist in Solomon Islands:

I maybe wrong, but I also believe one of the many reasons why they there, is that, for reasons of their own, they have been mining a very rare type of gemstone under this highly mineralised Kimberlite base carrying rock volcanic Island of multitude type gemstones. The rare gemstones of the Alien’s interest that my wife’s relatives possess have a far higher specific gravity than that of diamonds, and a refractive index that when you put the stone in sunlight, you see your mirror image deep in the centre of the stone. Also, holding them to the sun, they are a very deep transparent silvery-blue. For their size, they are noticeably extremely heavy. I once had one of these “E.T. Stones” that was 32.4 caret, which had these characteristics. Ironically enough, the more customary people of this Island call these particular UFOs “Diamond Snakes”, and there are some old folklore stories supporting the Alien’s interest in these unique gemstones.

The quoted part seemed totally irrelevant at the time, but after comparing with several accounts that I’m going to explain I think there might be a link between the gemstone optical properties and what I’m about the describe. Without revealing names of the sources, participants and places of these events I will use generic terms to describe what happened. I don’t care if it takes down the value of my blog. The purpose of this post is, more than anything else, to rattle the cage of those who claim  the right to secrecy and power.

1) Holographic Jungle Encounter

SI local went on a hunting trip in the jungle. While moving about he accidentally stumbled across a fake jungle canopy and walked straight through it. What he could see were parked advanced non-terrestrial looking aircrafts. Not a minute later he was approached by an armed guard (human) who told him to turn around, leave and forget what he saw. Of course man was very scared and obeyed the guard.

2) Holographically “Sealed” Underground Tunnel

I’m actually quoting one on my contacts here:

Local villager who claims that he fell into a really deep hole while walking on the Guadalcanal hills, he then tried his best to walk through the tunnel to get out, but to his amazement he heard voices talking, he approached the voices and came across blond white men alongside these reptilian creatures and UFO saucers next to a large underground water hole/sea hole, he then crept away scared and not long after found an exit which when he came through it and looked back it was not see-through but had the form of jungle tree’s etc (camouflage hologram?), he also was shocked to find that his little journey took him from one side of Guadalcanal all the way though to the other side of the island which he exited in a very short time frame.

3) Ghost Ship

Two fishermen were in a boat. On of them wanted to light a cigarette but he didn’t have a lighter. They saw a small ship nearby and decided to approach it and ask for a light. When they approached very close one of them extended his arm to grab the stern and tho his amazement his arm went straight through it.


If we search for military holographic technology on the internet, we will see that there are some good advances made publicly known. I can imagine what is unknown to the public. So if our terrestrial cabal is involved in something in SI I wouldn’t be surprised if they could pull off such visual stunts, but I must say Marius’ story is quite interesting one as well. There is more to this of course, but it is very inconvenient for me to write in more details. What’s the practical morale of this post? If you plan an expedition to SI make sure you have a thermographic camera in addition to normal camera. Eyes can be deceiving.

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10 Responses to Holographic camouflage in Solomon Islands

  1. hactic says:

    Hi, SERIOUSLY speaking, if you read Maurius’ article that appeared in Nexus magazine some time ago (link here – http://www.nexusmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=3&Itemid=71), he does mention of people landing near villages,etc, I’ll quote here:

    “The UFOs have landed
    near villages, and the (white or black) people who get out of them
    have strange grey uniforms, not seen anywhere else in the world.”

    Could this mean that this group of human beings are some what related to the Aryans or some elite Nazi from Hitler’s time, some of those who “disappeared” after WW2 and were never found again. Could they have started their own colony underground somewhere? There had been some say, that the Germans had an underground base in Antarctica – Newschwabenland

    I really am beginning to think that there could be a connection. Looking forward to more info.

  2. hactic says:

    [Forgot to mention]

    Needless to say that there are some other ET race involved with what I’ve said above. The humans could not have been doing this alone by themselves only.

  3. Dioz says:

    Only time will tell when all these becomes reality.There is more to come out from the Solomons.
    Stay tune!! SoloMan

  4. pozz says:

    Wants to know more? email me, iam a solomon islander and i can tell u everything. include hidden riches in solomon islands.

    • Dan Nardello says:

      Ok, I want to know more, dont really care about hidden riches, I’m sure they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Giants? Ufo’s….tell me! I’m in San Diego,CA..

  5. popzz says:

    want to know more about solomon islands mysteries? email me!…i can tell u alot of things including hidden treasures.

    • Nils J says:

      Popzz, I am the author of a “Letter to the Editor” on this subject in Solomon Star News, 22 June 2009. I would very much appreciate contact with you. Sincerely, Nils, in Sweden

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